Highly secretive print screen tips

Okay, so maybe they aren’t that secretive, but they are definitely helpful and not as well known as they should be!

Everyone has used that magic Print Screen button (PrtScn) at one point or another. Contrary to my belief as a child, no it does not send anything to the printer as the name implies!

In case you don’t know, the Print Screen button simply takes a “snapshot” of everything on your screen and copies it to the clipboard, where you can paste it (Ctrl-V) into your photo editing software for example.

Normal Print Screen


Tip #1
You can actually skip the whole “opening photo editing software and pasting” situation all together if you really want. Instead, use “Windows Key + PrtScn” which will create a new folder in your “Pictures” directory called “Screenshots” and automatically save your screen in PNG format.

Tip #2
You can also Print Screen just the active window instead of the entire screen. This comes in handy if you only need an image of a particular window and not the entire screen. For this, you simply use “Alt + PrtScn“. You still have to manually paste this into your photo edition software like a normal Print Screen, but saves a lot of time editing out windows that you didn’t intend to show in your screen shot.

Active Window Print Screen


Tip #3
This way could be considered more complicated, or less complicated depending how you look at it, but you could use the “Snipping Tool” built into  Windows 7+.  Basically you would open the “Snipping Tool” app and create a new snip by highlighting any area of your screen. The “Snipping Tool” will automatically open that portion of the screen into the built in photo editor where you can choose to edit, or just simply save the image for later use.


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