Break into Lynx Touch L5100 installer programming

There comes a time in every security professionals career where either an installer code was lost, changed, locked out, or forgotten.

An installer code is a 4 digit code that, when entered into the keypad, will allow you into the programming menus of an alarm panel.

Some panels however have back doors hidden in them that allow access to the installer menu without ever knowing the code. Take the Honeywell Lynx Touch L5100 for example.


This beauty is actually one of my favorite alarm panels to work with (only being beaten by the Lynx Touch L7000 of course) combining a whole hefty set of features such as Z-Wave, Wifi, and GSM into a small easy to install package.

First things first, if you are an end user and attempting to get into installer programming, you’re on your own… I take zero responsibility for anything you may or may not mess up, as well as any headaches you cause yourself or your dealer.

Second disclaimer, if your a monitored customer (eg. you pay a monthly fee to have someone call and alert you if the alarm goes off) call your monitoring station first to put your account on test, if you don’t know who the monitoring station is then call your dealer. Putting an account on test will prevent a false dispatch if anything gets messed up in programming.

Okay now for the fun stuff!

Start by powering down the Lynx Touch L5100┬ácompletely. This means both from the power outlet and the battery backup. Leave it powered down for a few seconds, then plug power back in (don’t need the battery right now, just remember to hook it back up later to prevent system troubles).

During the initial power up, when the screen displays “SYSTEM STANDBY!”, press and hold the UNLOCK key until the panel is completely booted up. You should know when its finished booting as it will display the main screen along with “System Ready”.

Once system is ready, release and press the UNLOCK key a second time (do not press and hold the second time). This will display the keypad.

Press the CLEAR button on the screen, you should see a blue bar underneath “Enter Code”.

Enter “00” on the on screen keypad. This will get you into installer programming (where you can subsequently change the installer code, or any other settings that are usually locked down).

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