Installing Android Studio

In one of my older posts, Getting started with the Android SDK, I made a mention of Android Studio and how it would be replacing the Eclipse ADT plugin. Well sometime since then, it looks like the switchover has indeed happened and its time for me to ditch Eclipse take a leap into Android Studio.

Downloading Android Studio

Now that there is only one option to choose from, Google has streamlined the download process significantly since my last post.


Simply head over to the Android Developer page, and click Download Android Studio. Do your usual reading of the license agreement (you all do that, right?), accept, and you should be downloading all 800MB of Android Studio goodness!

Installing Android Studio

Like I said, they’ve streamlined this process quite significantly. No more extracting, no more renaming folders, and no more copying files around into different folders. Its a single executable file. Double click, and BAM, you’re on your way! The installer is supposed to walk you through downloading JDK now as well, which was not the case before. I don’t have any experience on that part though… I already had JDK from the previous installation of Eclipse and ADT.


You’ll want to make sure you install all the components (Android Studio, Android SDK, and Android Virtual Device. Follow the rest of the prompts and you’ll be on your way.


Opening Android Studio for the first time

When you open Android Studio for the first time, there is additional configuration that it takes you through. The first will be whether or not you want to import existing Android Studio projects. If you’re just getting started then likely you’ll have nothing to import.


Next it will start to download the latest version of the SDK Tools, unzipping them, along with any additional components needed. The nice thing about this again was that its all streamlined… once it started going, it required little to no interaction from me… sweet!

Welcome to Android Studio


That’s it! Start a new project, or import projects from your old Eclipse workspace. Hopefully I will make some time to play around with it soon and post on my findings!

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