Balls to the Walls: Breakout

Classic Breakout meets Pong with a futuristic 3D twist!
Balls to the Walls brings the fun of a classic old school game to a whole new level of difficulty and imagination.
Blast your way through multiple levels, power up your balls and defeat the classic game all over again…in 3D!
Do you have what it takes to bring your Balls to the Walls? Download now and find out!
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Excusarator: Excuse Generator

Excusarator now has over 40,000 possible combinations of excuses. In this new tech world, nobody should ever have to hear “my dog ate my homework!” ever again!

Now, easily generate an excuse for any situation for thousands of combinations, then text or email to a friend or co-worker.

Dinosaur Dodge

You wont find no flappin’ birds, or splashin’ fish in this game, just good ol’ dinosaur dodging, meat eating, cavemen running mayhem!It’s time for the cavemen, Oogah and Toogah, to collect their food but those pesky dinosaurs are always getting in the way!

52 Pickup

In Classic game mode, you pick up all 52 cards as fast as you can. Not challenging enough? Attempt to race the cards in Time Trial mode by picking up cards which drop at increasing speed. The longer you last, the harder it gets!

What The Tip!?

Easily calculate how much of a tip to leave after a night out to your favourite restaurant. Input your total bill, and simply move the sliders based on your servers performance and the food quality. The calculator dynamically updates the recommended tip at the bottom of the screen so you can see the changes in the tip!